More about Australia

More about Australia

More about Australia & its Study


Here are more facts about AUSTRALIA & it's Study


  • How do I get an Australian study?

At CAAN World we have a dedicated department whose sole responsibility is to help our students. We will provide you with the Australian University/college application form, as well as a detailed document requirement list. Our Counselor will counsel you on what documents will be needed. Once we receive the completed Australian University/college application form, and the relevant documents, we will lodge your application with the Australian High Commission as long as we are satisfied that under the current Australian study law, your application complies.

  • How do I apply for a course?

The first step towards studying in Australia is to contact us with all relevant documents. We will then provide you with a questionnaire to complete and use this information to review your academic and personal needs to assist you in selecting suitable study options.

  • When should I apply to study in Australia / when do courses start?

You should apply to study in Australia as soon as possible, ideally 5 months prior to commencing your course. However, for some courses it is possible for the application and process to take less time than this. In general, University courses starts in February each year, a number of Universities also offer a mid-year intake in July. VET courses generally have two intakes a year, February and July and a number will also offer April and September intakes.

  • What is the weather like in Australia?

Australia is diverse in its geography and climate. Australia’s summer starts in December and winters in June. Australia is in the tropics where the temperature s are in the mid of 20 degree Celsius.

  • What are some important considerations for choosing a course?

For students who are unsure of their study path following completion of their high school education, there are a number of factors, which they need to consider when selecting a suitable course. These include: a) Desired study subject area b) Institution type – i.e. University or a Vocational Education and Training (VET) institution, a bridging course to gain entry into a specific university course may also be considered. c) Academic background and English level d) Desired living location e) Available finances f) Course enrolment / commencement dates Education is an important investment and there are many options, CAAN World have many years experience in helping students choose a right study path, so you can easily rely upon their advise.

  • Can my family member accompany me to Australia?

Yes, spouse and children can accompany student to Australia.

  • Am I allowed to work as I study in Australia?

You are allowed to work up to 20 hours in a week while in session and full time during holidays. Work is NOT guaranteed; Working in Australia is a privilege, not a right. It is very common for students to find part-time work in Australia. Jobs can be found through student notice boards, job advertisements ( ) and by approaching employers directly.

  • How long does the whole process take i.e. to get my admission letter and to process my file?

As long as we have all the necessary documentation, the whole process can take around 12 weeks. It can take between one day to four weeks to get a response from the institution in Australia and 6 – 12 weeks to get study permission from Australian high commission. University or college may conduct telephonic interview of student to know about genuineness.

  • What are important considerations regarding IELTS?

Typically a student is required to have completed an IELTS exam no more than 2 years prior to the start date of their course. If a student has already studied for 12 months in an Australian institution this may not be required. If a student does not have the particular IELTS score for their course often an English course can be completed prior to commencing study. CAAN World can help and guide you for enrollment for IELTS test with IDP or British Council. If student has already done IELTS but is having less score, we will provide advice on relevant study options such as English, foundation or diploma courses to help you gain entry into your chosen course.

  • Would I find placement after I finish the course?

All universities have a careers and employment office to assist you find jobs anywhere in the world. This includes information on employers; resume writing, facing an interview, recruitment fairs, returning home seminars. For more details on employment opportunities and career services offered by universities. The Australian immigration system now offers clear pathways for those students who chose to change their status to work /live in Australia, after graduation.

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