Business Associate

Business Associate


We invite you to be our BUSINESS ASSOCIATE

CAAN World offers a good business model to get attractive income by referring students to any of the programs conduct by CAAN World. It is a wonderful opportunity to make use of your contacts effectively by involving in leisurely hours or in full time basis.

You may be a working men or women, educational consultant, teacher, professor, faculty member, housewife, marketing professional, retired person and freelancer, it is not a matter. You can promote CAAN World among your contacts. There is no specific region or district to work, wherever possible you can do. There is no need of office space.

Once you become a Business Associate, we will train you with all the information and procedure for admissions. Once you enroll and the students have left abroad, your commission will be credited in your account. CAAN World will facilitate you with all online software to monitor the admission process and status of the students VISA.

For further details contact at or +91-9888481965