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As a Group we are successful because we hire, engage and retain talented employees who are always ready to provide quality services. However, equally important is that these talented employees have their own priorities and career aspirations met as individuals. This alignment is our work force strength and leads to our business success.

There are many reasons why you should join us, and these all link to our values as an organization. We challenge you to recognize your potential and discover your future.

Our small team structure provides a real sense of belonging. It means that your role is integral to the team and you will be able to enjoy responsibility – even if you are at an early stage of your career. It also means that if you are talented and entrepreneurial, we will quickly spot your potential and help develop your career.

We take time to understand what each and every one of our employees needs, and try to make sure that our staff is full of energy and true commitment to the success of our company and that of our clients. Our success is our people, working in teams, giving and taking support and advice, helping to step-up to and beyond client expectations.

CAAN World welcome you to join if you are talented, committed in your field. We hire people for different jobs like Study Visa Counsellors, IELTS Trainers & Marketing Executives.

If you feel that you need a challenging job, you can drop your resume at