SPP: Student Partnership Program

SPP: Student Partnership Program

SPP: Student Partnership Program


Canada government has started a very special program for Indian students – SPP (student Partnership Program). This program allows Indian student to get visa very quickly and with minimal documentation. Moreover, Indian student will also get work permit after doing their studies. Canadian government has appointed few selected colleges to get admission under SPP. All of these colleges offer high level of education and most of them are govt. funded colleges.

This initiative has been taken by a group of relevant bodies to assist genuine students in fast processing of visa applications. If you are keen to study in Canada, give your IELTS as soon as possible and apply for education loan.

Courses are available in IT, networking, accounting, business, Hospitality, health, Energy and animation

Requirements for Student Partnership Program (SPP)

  • IETLS 6 bands or higher
  • Last Academic with 50% or higher (Minimum Second class is required)
  • No academic gap of more than 1 years
  • Educational loan covering 80 % of cost of tuition fee, one year living cost and travel expenses.
  • Pre payment of first semester tuition fees

Benefits of applying under Student Partnership Program(SPP)

  • High Visa Success ratio
  • No need to show Income Documents
  • No need to show Bank Balance
  • Get visa approval within 1 week
  • After completing 2 years of education, get 3 years open work permit

    Download Forms & Document Checklist to apply under SPP

Can I get work permit in Canada if I do not study under SPP?

Work permit scheme is open to all the international students who have graduated with proper qualification from any of the accredited institutions. Work permit has its own requirement and each student should qualify those requirements.

According to the present status of work permit in Canada, a student whose duration of course is for two years or more will get a work permit for 3 years in Canada. If the duration of study is for less than 2 years then the duration of work permit will be equal to the duration of study.

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