Applying Australia Study Visa

Applying Australia Study Visa

Applying Australia Study Visa


If you are planning to apply for Australia Study Visa, you must fulfil the following requirements: 

Arrange an Offer of Acceptance: Before a student can apply for a student visa, a valid offer letter from a CRICOS registered Australian institute is required. You can check details of Institutes registered with CRICOS. Course details along with duration of course and fee structure can also be checked from CRICOS site. You can call CAAN World for all details. Our Counsellor will help you to arrange your offer letter in relevant course.

English Proficiency: An IELTS score is a mandatory requirement and evidence of this must be included at the time of application for the student visa. Normally it is 5.5 Bands for Diploma Courses and 6 Bands for degree courses. IELTS requirement can vary with different Institutes and different courses. If you are having less bands CAAN World will guide to take ELICOS with your main course otherwise you have to score required bands in IELTS.

Financial Capacity: Student visas are granted when a student can prove that they have adequate funds to support themselves in Australia, pay for their tuition and care for dependent family members included on the visa. These requirements are different for different visa clauses so you have to contact CAAN World or you may check it in link given below

See details at Student Visa Living Costs and Genuine Access to Funds

Work Permit Rules : As a student in Australia , you will only have a limited working allowance on your visa. Therefore adequate funding to pay for living expenses and tuition are important and must be evidenced to gain the visa. If you take time off from study to work, you will fall below full-time study levels, exceed your work allowance on the visa, or will fail academically. Any of these things can lead to visa cancellation.

Bonafides: The student needs to submit their past academic records for verification as well as a statement of purpose for undertaking the desired course.

Health cover: Because Medicare, the Australian national health system, is not available to overseas students, you must maintain your Overseas Student Health (OSHC) cover while in Australia.

Non-Immigrant Intent: You must leave Australia before your visa expires.

Good Character: Other requirements are that you be a genuine student, have good health and be of good character-without a criminal record.

Student visa requirements
In order to get a Student Visa, you must satisfy the norms of the Visa requirements and your student visa will list the conditions that apply specifically to you. It is important to comply with your visa conditions to avoid visa cancellation.

Here is the extracted information on Visa and it is bound to timely changes. For more detailed, accurate and up-to-date information on student visas and visa requirements please check the official site. Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)