Steps to Apply USA Study Visa

Steps to Apply USA Study Visa

Steps to Apply USA Study Visa


Take the first step now toward a U.S. College or University education. Whether you plan to pursue an undergraduate, graduate, English language, or short-term program, CAAN World provides free advice that helps you to

  • Research Your Options
  • Complete Your Application
  • Finance Your Studies
  • Apply for Your Student Visa
  • Prepare for Your Departure.

First Step: Register with CAAN World to choose and select right College or University. Submit your academic credentials as guided by our counselor.

Second Step: Before choosing right course and right college, you must do your own research. This will help you to understand the real value to your proposed study plan. The best college or university is the one that is best for you and meets your requirements—academic, financial, and personal. You must start your research at least 5-6 month prior the start of the academic year in which you hope to enroll. 

Third Step: CAAN World will help you to apply for your admission (I 20). Once you receive your I-20, you may start Visa process. Arranging funds is important part of this step. It is important to start your financial planning as early as possible. Applying visa also involve important steps where CAAN World will guide you.

Last Step: Once your visa is approved the next step is preparation for your departure. This step is as important as getting visa. You must know what is needed to adjust with new environment in new country. CAAN World pre departure services will really help you.

If you have decided to apply for USA studies, Call CAAN World Now...