Sponsored Family Visitor Visa for AUSTRALIA

Sponsored Family Visitor Visa for AUSTRALIA

Visitor Visa (Family Stream) for AUSTRALIA


Apply Sponsored Family Visitor Visa for AUSTRALIA
(Sub Class 600)

This Visa is for people travelling to Australia to visit their family. For this you must have a sponsor who might be requested to provide a bond. If you have FAMILY member who is Permanent Resident or Citizen of Australia and that person is ready to give bond then you are eligible to get this visa.

The Sponsored Family stream requires formal sponsorship of a visa applicant by an Australian citizen or permanent resident. In some cases, a security bond may be requested.

You must be outside Australia when you apply and when the visa is decided. You cannot apply for another visa while you are in Australia

To be eligible to sponsor an applicant for the Sponsored Family stream, the sponsor must be:

  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • aged 18 years or over
  • settled in Australia for a reasonable period, usually two years.

The sponsor must also be one of the following:

  • a relative (partner, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or the 'step' or adopted equivalent of any of these)
  • a relative of a person who is a member of the family unit of the applicant and who is also applying for a Sponsored Family Visitor visa
  • a member of an Australian Parliament (Commonwealth, state or territory)
  • an authorised person representing the Australian Government, state or territory department or instrumentality
  • a local government mayor.
    Documents Required:

Documents Required:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Formal Sponsorship
  • Visa Application Fee
  • Certified copy of current passports or travel documents
  • One recent passport sized photograph (45 mm x 35 mm)
  • Certified copies of birth certificates
  • Evidence of sufficient funds, such as personal bank statements, pay slips, audited accounts, taxation records or credit card limit.
  • A Letter of invitation from your relative in Australia

The Sponsored Family stream will usually allow a stay of three months, but may allow a stay of up to 12 months in certain circumstances. The Sponsored Family stream will generally only allow a single entry into Australia.

Sponsors must complete a sponsorship form (Form 1149) listing all members of the family unit they are sponsoring. The sponsorship form must be lodged by the sponsor in Australia together with a visa application (Form 1418), or attached to an online application, for each visa applicant. For more details you may call our Helpline +91-9216 310310

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