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With a network of dedicated team members, CAAN World is one of the leading education consultants in north India

We currently represent various education providers including universities, vocational institutes, colleges and schools across Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, U.K, Singapore,  Europe and many other destinations. Since its inception, CAAN World has recruited thousands of students to its partner institutions. Given our strong ethical approach to business, we have built an excellent profile and credibility within the education industry.

With our highly professional and trained staff, we provide a wide range of Value Added Services such as marketing intelligence and outsource of business processes for our partners. We would be delighted to discuss potential business opportunities with your organization.

CAAN World provides a number of Value Added Services within the Education Industry Such as:

  • Admission & Career Counselling
  • Selection of right college or University
  • Overall assistance on acceptance letters
  • Student Visa Assistance
  • Embassy Interview Preparations
  • Academic and English Preparatory Training

CAAN World supports with handling queries, online software to follow up all enquiries, advertisement and promotional activities, training to counsellors, regular update of information to counsellors and mention the address in all the websites.

Business Opportunity

As our clients have expanded, this has given rise to new targets to increase resources to meet them. Today the students that we help to travel abroad for study are not only from North India but also from other neighbouring cities and states.

We have been able to achieve tremendous results with an outstanding team of professionals all focused on a shared and powerful vision. We could not have achieved this level of excellence without the contribution of our partners from India & abroad.

We are always looking to expand our network of business associates. We treat our business associates as our partners. If you would like to join our network, please complete the New Agent Registration form and send is to us together with the required documentation.

We issue a Representation Certificate to our authorized business associates / agents and have sole representation in some regions. If you would like to verify the status of an agent, please contact us. 

CAAN World would like to take this opportunity to extend our business partnership proposal with the Associates to work together in the future to facilitate satisfactory services to the students aspiring to study abroad. Please send your proposal to