Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

CAAN World Consultants, the leaders in the field of Overseas Education providing services to the Students in pursuing their higher studies in different parts of the World. We take pride in the role we are playing in helping countless Indian students improve their career by acquiring Under-graduate / Post-Graduate Qualifications from overseas Universities and colleges.

Following are our main features:

Career Counseling
We direct you keeping in view your ambition, academics & work background. We help you to choose a course which will suit your interest and background. Read more details

Country & University Selection
We at CAAN World will help you choosing the most suited University/College for your course. We process applications for number of colleges and Universities; we can find the most suitable college or University for you.

Application Process
Next step is to apply to the selected Universities. We assist you with the filling of application forms, guidance in preparation of Recommendation Letters, Statement of Purpose. Along with the application we also send our recommendation letter to the University highlighting the strengths of the student and why he/she should be admitted. The admission tutor considers this letter in their decision making. We keep a proper follow up with the Universities ensuring you a quick response.

Visa Assistance
We assist you for your visa application as well. We will help you to prepare your visa file. We will guide you about all the documents required for visa application. We will also check that all the papers in your file are arranged and submitted according to the high commission/ embassy requirements.

Accommodation & Airport Pick Up
We will arrange for your accommodation in the foreign country. We will also arrange the Airport Pick Up facility for you. Your safety is our priority.