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We are pleased to invite qualified undergraduate students to apply for a term of study abroad in which they can pursue a uniquely rewarding educational experience overseas.

The skills you develop while studying abroad will add another layer of expertise to your growing portfolio of experiences, and better equip you to approach the challenges of the 21st-century global economy.

Studying abroad offers students a wonderful opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture, and engage with people and history in a way that broadens the scope of traditional classroom education. Experiencing life in another culture enables students to see beyond themselves, and understand diverse international perspectives. It is an exercise in adaptation, and strengthens one’s ability to communicate comfortably across different customs, traditions and languages.

Preparing to go work abroad, study abroad or just experience a new culture can be quite overwhelming. There are so many things to take into consideration including: obtaining a work/study visa, getting medical coverage, calculating and managing living costs, dealing with language barriers, finding accommodation, learning to get around, obtaining telephone and internet services and many other challenging tasks.

Complete Admission Guidance
Choosing the right universities, preparing applications and organizing paperwork can make studying abroad seem like a mammoth task. Having placed over 400 students worldwide, CAAN World World is best placed to make your passage hassle-free. Fulfill your dreams of entering BEST Colleges, Universities and other Top Institutions worldwide.

Complete Career Planning
Recruiting a student is just one of the functions we perform; our line of work takes us beyond that Right from the choice of institute to choice of course to help student to have better career opportunities after finishing his/her studies. We go that extra mile to even receive the students in the new country through our offices/partners there & help them fit in to the changed cultural & behavioral environment here. The cooperation doesn’t end here, but goes to even guidance to the students apply for work Permit & finding the appropriate jobs. We at CAAN World believe that a student is not just another client but a prospective achiever, who we need to guide & nurture to help him/her realize their potential.

Reasons to Study Abroad

There are many points that make foreign education a worthwhile investment. One of the main points is that a student should look at studying abroad for the diversity of living and learning that comes with such an education. It is a chance to live independently, and experience a new way of life in a foreign country. One spends time with students from around the world and this is the greatest form of learning.

  • Ways of teaching, learning and assessment

There is a fundamental difference between foreign and Indian universities with regard to education. In India, greater emphasis is given to theory than practical knowledge. At universities abroad, students are taught how to use theories in solving real world problems. And this is not just limited to teaching, but also extends to the manner of assessments. Universities abroad have continuous assessment and not just one exam, where the candidate’s future depends completely on one Final Exam. Assessment tools are different too; Marks are attached to quizzes, projects, class assignments, and students are encouraged to come up with new ideas and add a perspective to what they learn, thus enhancing their confidence and other skills.

  • Cutting-edge research and sophisticated infrastructure

Universities abroad have always been known for their cutting-edge research facilities and a high level of infrastructure and this is one of the prime reasons for students opting for a foreign education. 

  • Global Employment Opportunities

Globalization has enabled students to transcend boundaries and bag employment opportunities in various countries. Having a stamp of foreign education on your resume makes a lot of difference, as you then get a chance to do internships and work full-time with multi- national companies. MNCs, as has been observed, prefer hiring students who have moved out of their homes and had a foreign exposure and there are many reasons for this. Today all opportunities are global in nature and students can be global citizens. They get to be recruited by global companies as they graduate with skills that make them employable in almost any part of the world.

  • Independence teaches you self-reliance

Studying in a foreign location, all on your own, with nobody to do your vessels and cleaning, can get quite daunting at times, but it also teaches you some very important lessons and makes you self reliant.

  • Cultural exchange with friends across the world

One of the advantages of a foreign education is that you meet a variety of people from different cultural backgrounds. This not only widens your horizons but also gives you a worldview. Of course, this also means you can always visit them in their home countries after you graduate. 

  • Higher salaries from leading companies

An individual, who has a foreign exposure coupled with a degree from a well- known university abroad, is sure to get an enviable package from leading companies internationally, given that he is also good at his work. If your resume says you’ve studied at a reputed foreign university and have worked at a well-known MNC for sometime, your package increases substantially in comparison to your peers. 

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