About Us

CAAN World Consultant is established with the aim of providing quality, uncomplicated advice at an affordable cost to all those seeking a new life in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe embarking on new ventures or pursuing higher educational qualifications abroad.

CAAN World Consultant is a one-stop education office, which offers accurate and complete service on overseas education. Our dedication combined with commitment to our students and  quality has helped us in gaining representation of nearly hundred institutes spread all over the world.

We are member of AAERI (Association of Australian Educational Representative in India), an association supported by Australian High Commission, New Delhi.

CAAN World Consultant are renowned Student Visa Consultant, rendering services to those interested in quality lifestyle, a rewarding career, excellent overseas education to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, and various destinations in Europe. Since our existence, we have been fulfilling the growing diverse needs of our clients and have successfully catered to their needs with the help of our highly qualified team of experts, consultants and professionally trained staff.

Education, undergraduate, post-graduate or professional, is the biggest stepping stone in a student’s career. It is here that we provide counselling and guidance in selection of courses, process of application and steps taken thereafter to help students in comfortably settled at their place of study.

We are authorised representatives of several universities, colleges and institutions in several countries worldwide, viz., Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, China, Switzerland and Cyprus.

Carefully selected institutions offer the best courses in diverse fields that are available these days In separate sections on our website, we bring to you salient features on countries represented, courses offered, and services which we render.